Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ouch! My the Fact I Lost My Innocence!

Joseph 8:57 pm
    But seriously.
    I was molested last night after you left.
Katie 8:57 pm
    by whom?
    the homeless woman?
Joseph 8:58 pm
    Not this time around.
    You remember the douchebags on the third floor?
Katie 8:58 pm
Joseph 8:58 pm
    Well they were getting crazy and they had people coming in and out for a while.
    Around 1:30 I was in bed and I heard the buzzer. Taylor called my name.
Joseph 8:59 pm
    She was like, "These douches outside say they were locked out."
    I go out to see who it is and I open the door.
    These two guys come in stumbling.
    The one grabs me in a bear hug face to face and starts humping me against the wall yelling, "YOU A BIIIIG MUTHAFUCKAAAAAA!!!!!"
    I stood there like, "T_T....Get the fuck off of me."
Katie 9:00 pm
    hahaha woooooow
Joseph 9:01 pm
    The other guy went upstairs and the humpydude followed but started talking to Taylor.
    I was like, "GOOD NIGHT."
Joseph 9:01 pm
    And slammed our apartment door in his face.
Katie 9:01 pm
    hahaha well thats awesome
Joseph 9:02 pm
    I was super pissed.
Katie 9:02 pm
    I don't doubt it!
Joseph 9:03 pm
    I was tired, and I was trying to play this sweet Shawn the Sheep game and we get a douche delivery overnight shipping.
Joseph 9:04 pm
    The worst part is that I think he had a boner...

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  1. HAHAHA I love this...when did u get a blog do fo...and why haven't I heard this story? did u tell mom? did she pee her pants? LOL