Friday, January 21, 2011

Drinking in the Afternoon is Not Classy

Joseph 3:39 pm
Damn it, come back to me girl.

 Joseph 4:13 pm
cokmtrrrrr baaaaacj
come bachkkk

 Katie 9:41 pm
wtf happened to you?

 Joseph 10:08 pm
Well la dee dah.
Look who decided to show up.

 Katie 10:08 pm
haha i went out to dinner

 Joseph 10:09 pm
Dinner? How wonderful for you.
While you were out stuffing your ugly face, I was dealing with a crisis of considerately miserable proportions.
I take that back, your face is very pretty. I was angry when I said that.

 Katie 10:10 pm
Oh dear. Do tell
Its quite alright. I ignored you

 Joseph 10:10 pm
Worst day ever.
Our internet kept failing.

 Katie 10:11 pm

 Joseph 10:11 pm
Then my phone fell from quite high in the shower and got wet.
It's dehydrating in rice right now.

 Katie 10:11 pm

 Joseph 10:12 pm
It's a trick you do.
I didn't make it to orgo because I couldn't make it throught the wind without my hat and hoodie and I had to go back for it.
I sat through an hour lecture in Physics learning that 1 + 1 = shit I already knew.
We watched 300 in my Race class.

 Joseph 10:12 pm
My eyes were in a perpetual rolling motion the entire time.

 Katie 10:13 pm
I thought you were excited about that?

 Joseph 10:13 pm
Yeah, until I remembered how incredibly stupid and cheesy it was.
Skipped the sex scene.
But that's beside the point.
Then Taylor and I decide to go to UPS and pick her package that they didn't deliver, YET AGAIN.
So on our way there, what does my car decide to do?

 Katie 10:14 pm
Wait, a college professor skipped the sex scene?

 Joseph 10:14 pm
And we end up stranded on 95.

 Katie 10:14 pm
How does that work

 Joseph 10:14 pm

 Katie 10:14 pm
oh no
why didn't you call me??

 Joseph 10:14 pm

 Katie 10:15 pm
Oh yeah
but Taylor?

 Joseph 10:15 pm
Call Katie...
Call the police and get a tow truck?

 Katie 10:15 pm
oh that
what if you were on that show where all the tow trucks in philly are competing for the job?

 Joseph 10:16 pm
I have no idea what that means.

 Katie 10:16 pm
Its legit

 Joseph 10:16 pm
All I know is that my car is at Pep Boys.
It's probably going to cost a fortune.

 Katie 10:16 pm
Tow Chasers
well I am glad that happened when I wasn't in the car
Why doesn't anyone listen to me?? I told you to get a new car

 Joseph 10:17 pm
That's a good idea.
Let me just collect the money from my whores on the street and call it a day.
All of this led to the unsavory hour of vodka at 3:30.

 Katie 10:19 pm
I do not blame you in the least

 Joseph 10:19 pm
And you want to know the thing that really just makes this day the worst day in history?

 Katie 10:19 pm
go for it

 Joseph 10:20 pm
The series finale of Medium aired tonight.
It was terrible.

 Katie 10:21 pm
well that is just a bummer

 Joseph 10:21 pm
I bet that if you give me a word right now, I can link it back to how much this day sucks.

 Katie 10:22 pm

 Joseph 10:22 pm
Kimono ends in ono.
Ono sounds like "Oh no".
"Oh no is what I said when my car stopped working in the middle of 95."

 Joseph 10:23 pm
Therefore, this day FUCKING SUCKS.

 Katie 10:23 pm
I am impressed

 Joseph 10:23 pm
Damn straight.

 Katie 10:23 pm

 Joseph 10:24 pm
Butterfly reminds me of the Butterfly Effect.
There was a movie called the Butterfly Effect that starred Ashton Kutcher.
Ashton is starring in a movie with Natalie Portman.
Natalie Portman starred in Black Swan.

 Joseph 10:25 pm
In that movie she seemed to have multiple personalities.
Multiple personalities is what I borderline developed today trying to cope with HOW MUCH THIS DAY FUCKING SUCKS.
The end.