Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ugly People

Joseph: (12:56:31 PM) I can't stand ugly people.
Joseph: (12:56:34 PM) Is that bad?
Katie Jones: (12:56:38 PM) not at all
Joseph: (12:56:49 PM) It's not very sexy in the TECH today.
Joseph: (12:56:57 PM) But I'm seeing a LOT of people with weird faces.
Katie Jones: (12:57:00 PM) noooo
Joseph: (12:57:02 PM) And I'm just like, take that somewhere else.
Katie Jones: (12:57:12 PM) bahahaha
Katie Jones: (12:57:15 PM) it totally happens
Joseph: (12:57:22 PM) I think it's just today.
Joseph: (12:57:30 PM) I can't tolerate uggos.
Joseph: (12:57:48 PM) Like, why would you wear your hair like that with that facial frame?
Joseph: (12:57:54 PM) Don't sit nex-
Joseph: (12:57:56 PM) God damn it.
Katie Jones: (12:58:02 PM) yeees that just happened
Joseph: (12:58:22 PM) Smells like peanuts in here.
Katie Jones: (12:59:11 PM) awkward?
Katie Jones: (12:59:26 PM) i wish Jessie would get back sooo the maintenance guy being here would be less awkward
Katie Jones: (1:00:24 PM) ugh i do not want to write a paper tonight
Joseph: (1:00:30 PM) No one does.
Joseph: (1:00:54 PM) For instance, I'm prepping a poetry presentation right now and I'd rather have hot lava run out of my anus.
Katie Jones: (1:01:14 PM) you just expressed my feelings exactly