Saturday, November 20, 2010


Joseph 8:54 pm
    A squirrel barked at me today...
Katie 8:54 pm
    I feel like you are probably hallucinating
Joseph 8:55 pm
    It was real life.
    Well, listen to this monstranity.
Katie 8:56 pm
    Must I?
Joseph 8:56 pm
Katie 8:56 pm
    Fine. Continue
Joseph 8:57 pm
    I woke up this morning feeling incredasick.
Joseph 8:57 pm
    Yes I just said incredasick.
    The combination of incredibly and sick.
Katie 8:58 pm
    I still don't see how this justifies a barking squirrel
Joseph 8:58 pm
    And yes, I'm making up words today.
    Letcho boy finish.
    I got up on the wrong side of the bed, so that's a pretty good indicator that the shit's gonna hit the fan.
    But I just brushed it off.
Joseph 9:00 pm
    Went to Mosaic.
    Feeling nauseous.
    Have you tried giving yourself a anit-vomit peptalk?
Katie 9:00 pm
Joseph 9:00 pm
    No one is there to cheer back at you and it just makes you feel worse.
    By the time orgo lab rolled around at 12:30, I felt like I was dying.
    I finished the prelab quiz in 2 minutes, ran to the bathroom and threw up.
    It was THE WORST.
    Glasses almost fell in the toilet.
Katie 9:05 pm
    Aww I'm so sorry! I hope you skipped the rest of your classes.
Joseph 9:05 pm
    Well luckily lab was the last thing.
Katie 9:06 pm
    Oh well thats good
Joseph 9:06 pm
    I went back and I felt better for
    2 seconds.
    Then I had to sit on the floor.
    My lab partner was like, "Whaaaat is wrong with you."
Katie 9:06 pm
    The floor? Why the floor? I would have been pretty concerned too
Joseph 9:06 pm
    I was like, "Et tu, Brute?! @_@"
    Because labs don't have chairs!
    So I bounced out of there pretty fast.
    I don't know how I made it down the stairs because everything started to look distorted.
    And when I went outside I heard this noise.
Katie 9:07 pm
    Well, you live in the city, so that's not that strange
Joseph 9:07 pm
    It was a barking squirrel.
    It was barking at me.
    And then it started chirping like a bird.
    I was scared.
    It took me 40 minutes to walk home.
    And I witnessed a traffic accident along the way.
Katie 9:09 pm
    I feel like you are making this up and if you aren't then it probably wasn't safe for you to be roaming the streets by yourself
Joseph 9:09 pm
    Look it up.
    Squirrels bark.
    Taylor didn't believe me then I force fed her words back down her throat.
    And I just needed to get home.
Joseph 9:10 pm
    I brought a blanket, pillow and laptop into the bathroom and camped out there for a while.
    Vom vom vom.
    Vom nom nom.
    Too soon.
Katie 9:10 pm
    thats nasty, but I hope you're feeling better
Joseph 9:12 pm
    And you want to know what was the worse part?
Katie 9:12 pm
    do tell
Joseph 9:12 pm
    My mosaic professor didn't know who Wishbone was.
Katie 9:12 pm
    the dog?!
Joseph 9:13 pm
    The freaking dog.
    The best dog of my childhood.
Katie 9:13 pm
Joseph 9:13 pm

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  1. Obsessed. LIKE the crazy white bitch that had Beyonce. Obsessed I need more...guess I'll keep reading.