Friday, November 19, 2010

The Creation of WWCHNT

Joseph 8:53 pm
    I finally got my headphones.
Katie 8:53 pm
    ooo yay
Joseph 8:54 pm
    I didn't tell you but I checked online for the shipping status around 3:30 and it said they tried to deliver it at 3:10
    I had been home since 12.
    No one knocked or buzzed.
    They didn't leave an info notice.
    Fuck them.
Katie 8:54 pm
    those liars!
Joseph 8:54 pm
    So I drove down to the UPS center and the place is PACKED.
Joseph 8:55 pm
    I was angry at that point and I was like, FUCK THAT SHIT.
    So I went to the front of the line and was like, "Give me my damn package, you damn, dirty apes."
Katie 8:55 pm
    i love this story and its not even over
Joseph 8:56 pm
    The only thing that made everything better was the fact that everyone waiting in line was playing Wheel of Fortune together.
    We were all screaming "BAKED BANANA BREAD" at the TV.
Katie 8:56 pm
    you need a fucking blog
Joseph 8:56 pm
    I am now heavily considering it.


  1. I feel so blessed to be a part of this. I really hope we become famous. Wouldn't that be spectacular?

  2. IT WILL BE FAMOUS! Are you gchat for these things?

  3. Haha. I'm using AIM for this blog.