Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Life, Death, and Maracas

 Katie 9:15 pm
let us please do this

 Joseph 9:17 pm
This is like.
This is an incentive to have kids.

 Katie 9:17 pm
exactly my thought

 Katie 9:18 pm
dude, i feel i look completely different from when i was a kid though. Like...somewhere along the way, my genetics were like...uhh lets just change up her face when she turns 12. So i feel like that age thing wouldn't have worked

 Joseph 9:20 pm
You do look drastically different.
What the fart happened?

 Katie 9:21 pm
i have no fricking clue!!!!
Brian was looking at a picture, and he was like "Who was that kid?" And I was like...uhhh

 Joseph 9:21 pm

 Katie 9:21 pm
i used to be really tan and really blonde and skinny as anything
according to what I looked like as a kid, i should be a model...but then i stopped growing, got hips, and stopped going outside...and got curly hair

 Joseph 9:23 pm
You have really nice birthing hips.

 Katie 9:23 pm
thank you
i appreciate that

 Joseph 9:23 pm
I forsee twins being a possibility.

 Katie 9:23 pm
hell no

 Joseph 9:23 pm
That would be AMAZING.

 Katie 9:23 pm
i think they are freaky

 Joseph 9:23 pm
We could do it Parent Trap style though!

 Katie 9:24 pm

 Joseph 9:24 pm
Promise me.
If you ever have twins.

 Katie 9:24 pm
severe emotional trauma for the win

 Joseph 9:24 pm
I take one and move to England.
We purposefully send them to the same summer camp.

 Katie 9:24 pm
hahahaha omg

 Joseph 9:24 pm
Twins fencing.

 Katie 9:24 pm
that would be hilarious!

 Joseph 9:24 pm
Twin swapping.
Hopefully you won't give them tragic ginger genes.

 Joseph 9:25 pm
We'll need a picture of ourselves on a ship.
We could do this point by point.
It's not like they'll ever watch it.

 Katie 9:26 pm
never ever

 Joseph 9:26 pm
It'll be years.

 Katie 9:27 pm
and i mean, it wont be weird that you are arabic and my child will be aryan as hell

 Joseph 9:27 pm
I guess we'll just have to do it.

 Katie 9:27 pm

 Joseph 9:28 pm
I should start practicing wedding dress designing.
Just realized.
I made you Dennis Quaid.

 Katie 9:29 pm
thats fine
he rocks my socks
and he has a vinyard
and horses

 Joseph 9:30 pm
I made myself Natasha Richardson.
I'm okay with this.
I'll just stay away from ski slopes.

 Katie 9:32 pm
good plan!
I would cry if you died of a freak accident

 Joseph 9:33 pm
I would frown down upon you from Heaven or view you from the flatscreen in Hell if you ever cried if I died.
Promise me.
That if I die randomly.
That there isn't a funeral.
But a friggin dance rave.

 Katie 9:33 pm
I can't promise that
there will be far too many depressed people

 Joseph 9:33 pm
Eff that ess.
I'm making a will.

 Katie 9:34 pm
maybe a sing-along to Sound of Music?
seems more fitting

 Joseph 9:34 pm
No way Josie.
People need to be festive.
And wear bright colors.
Maybe some limbo.

 Katie 9:34 pm

 Joseph 9:34 pm
I don't need whiney bitches mourning a loss.
But rather...
With maracas, preferably.

 Katie 9:35 pm
hahahaha fine fine

 Joseph 9:35 pm
*shoulder pop*

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