Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Birthdays Are Just an Excuse to Eat Cake

 Katie 1:55 pm
    was yesterday some sort of social experiment?

 Joseph 1:56 pm
    I just didn't want my wall flooded with OMG HAPY BIRFDAY.
    And then I decided not to be a dick and put my birthday back up on FB and what happens?
    Bethany Clevenstine and 50 other people posted on your wall.

 Katie 1:56 pm
    i love it when that happens
    but i still hate you

 Joseph 1:57 pm

 Katie 1:57 pm
    you made me look like the biggest dick friend ever

 Joseph 1:57 pm
    I don't understand.

 Katie 1:58 pm
    you should have been like "Hey, guess what, Katie? It's my Birthday!"

 Joseph 1:58 pm
    I didn't...think it was important...

 Joseph 1:59 pm
    Plus I was rull busy yesterday.
    Waking up at 2 and cleaning the basement.
    I just.
    I don't care?
    That's it.

 Katie 2:01 pm
    well I CARE

 Joseph 2:01 pm
    Sounds like a personal problem.
    You should speak to someone about that.
    A professional of some sort.

 Katie 2:01 pm
    well damn

 Joseph 2:02 pm
    You've just been verbally assaulted.

 Katie 2:02 pm
    I will physically assault you

 Joseph 2:03 pm

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  1. AWWWWWWWWWWWWW Happy Birthday my little love muffin!!!!!!!!!